Coquetdale 5122

Coquetdale Lodge -

Ladies Nights and Grand Balls


Coquetdale Lodge No.5122

Ladies Night 2001

These images show the front and rear of the place settings for our Ladies Night in 2001



On the left is an example of the front of one of the Menu's and on the right is the rear of the menu.



Shown below and on the right are what was inside the menus.



Alnwick Lodges

Joint Ladies Night 2010
at the White Swan Hotel, Alnwick

The 'Olympic Suite' was our venue once more for the combined Lodges of the Alnwick Masonic Temple, to thank our Ladies for all their help and support they give to us men over the year.

The interior of the dining room is made up with items taken from the sister ship of the RMS Titanic, namely the 'Olympic'.

The Olympic was eventually scrapped in 1937 and the then owner of the White Swan bought its dining room, transported it to Alnwick where it was used to transform a section of the hotel into the magnificent dining area we see today.


Ladies Nights and Grand Balls
at other Lodges


Lodge St John No.280


Pictured above, and below left, are just part of the sections from the excellently designed table menu


Above and below are the place settings


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