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Calander of Events

The next Coquetdale Lodge No.5122 meeting will take place in the Masonic Hall, Alnwick when safe to do so.
We are currently closed due to Covid 19 but continue to meet virtually. We recently had a virtual meeting in December on what would have been our regular December Lodge meeting day.
It was very well attended, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we have decided to open our next get together in January 2021 to Visitors.
If you would like to see what we talked about in December please click HERE
It has been amended in case there are any Initiates looking in.

 Fraternal Visits by Coquetdale Lodge during 2020

Unfortunately there will be no Fraternal Visits until everything is Covid safe

Coquetdale Lodge 5122

monthly meetings are held on the Second Thursday of the following Months in the Masonic Hall, Alnwick at 7.0pm :-

Lodge Business 2019/20

March - Demonstration 2nd Degree

April - Coquetdale's Burns Celebration Evening

May - Business Meeting followed by 1st Degree Ceremony & Presentation of 50 year certificate

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Lodge Address

Masonic Hall,
Prudhoe Street,
NE66 1UW




click HERE to view the Monthly Circular for March 2020.


To view some old Circulars click HERE


Lodges & their Meetings

Coquetdale Lodge No.5122 is one of many Lodges now associated to the River Lodges Association
to view information and for meeting dates please click HERE

For a list of Northumberland Lodges and their meetings
please click
, or view the table below for a quick reference

To read the table below, you look along the top line for a Village, Town or City - then look down the column to find the Lodge name and number (the abreviated month is their Installation Night). Then if you look down the left hand Column you will see a 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 - these represent the weeks in the month eg the first week of April would be week 1.

If you combine all this you will see (for example) that on the 1st wednesday of the month in the Town of Alnwick, the Alnwick Lodge No.1167 has its meetings as does St Cuthbert No.1902 and Cramlington No.4196 etc.

On the bottom row you will find Lodges who meet on the last of a particular day in a month eg Lodge De-Ogle No.636 meets on the last Thursday of a month.

Always check first with the Lodge you intend to visit, to ensure meetings have not been changed or cancelled.


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