Coquetdale 5122

The WM, Officers and Brethren attended the Annual Installation

of Lodge Dunse 23 (SC) to see Bro. Eric Hoare installed as RWM

W.Bro. Allan Young WM, sung the Masters Song for Eric - he sang the original version with four verses

Brief History of the Masters Song

The WM and Officers attended a 100th Celebration

of Heart of Glendale lodge No.4005

The WM and Officers attend a 200th

Our Wm, Allan Young and Brethren attended the 200th celebrations of Lodge St John 280, Coldstream (Scottish Constitution), on Saturday 9th November 2019. The experience was one which can not be understated. The expertise and thoroughly friendly way in which this ceremony was carried out was second to none, and the work behind the scenes has to be commended.

Lodge Visitations

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